MusicDad wants to listen to the game on the deck, but mom wants to listen to her favorite iTunes playlist in the bathroom, and the kids… well, they just want to listen to something different than mom or dad. With a professionally designed and implemented music system, everyone can have their own unique music playing wherever and whenever they want to.

Music systems range from single to multiple rooms with flush-mounted, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, wall mounted or bookshelf speakers, and speakers placed throughout your landscape or around the pool. You can choose from a “single zone” system which allows the same music to be heard from all of your speakers or a “multi-zone” system that allows you to decide which music source is selected and to which room or rooms it is heard, or you can choose to have different music sources playing in different rooms all at the same time. Multi-zone systems are extremely flexible, allowing you the most choices when deciding what best suits your particular needs.

iPad Music ControlsThere are also many options for you to control these systems, from wall-mounted volume controls, keypads, remote controls or flush-mounted touch-panels to smart phones, tablets, or computers. The choice is up to you.

Music sources may include FM Radio, Sirius/XM, iPods, iTunes Libraries, CD Players, Pandora and other streaming services, etc.
Because there are so many options, it is sometimes confusing on deciding what is best for you. We will walk you through every step of the process to help determine which music system would be the perfect choice for your digital lifestyle.