Media Rooms

Theater Bar The terms media room, home theater, home cinema can simply be defined as this. It is a       space in which the audio/visual experience rivals that of the best commercial theater, and if properly implemented, delivers the picture and sound exactly as the director or producer intended it to be. With that said, these rooms come in all different shapes, sizes and price points. The ultimate goal is to give you an immersive experience that is larger than life.

Media RoomDigital Life can design the perfect system that performs correctly in the particular space you have chosen to be your “media room”. Generally, no two systems are alike because we take into account the room’s primary use, construction materials, acoustic properties, and our client’s expectations when designing our media rooms. This ranges from dedicated cinema rooms with large projection screens, acoustic treatments, theater style seating and dimmable lighting controls to simple, multipurpose family rooms that blend all the technology seamlessly and unobtrusively into the space. Finally, we know that proper equipment setup and calibration is a must and that any system must be easy to operate by all users.

Media Room