Illuminated Front of HouseYou pull up to your home at night, open the garage door and automatically the outdoor lights come on, and a path of light illuminates to safely get you into your home. Once inside you press the “evening” button on your lighting keypad to set the perfect amount of lighting for that time of night and automatically turn off unnecessary lights.

Living Room LightingThis is a simple example of whole house lighting control. These powerful, reliable systems are scalable, allowing you to start with just a few lights and add more anytime you desire. The central controllers have built-in astronomical time clocks which enable us to program your lighting system to control lights automatically with un-paralleled flexibility based on your needs. System control can also be executed via wall-mounted keypads, table-top keypads, remote controls, smart phones, tablets and computers. Occupancy and vacancy sensors can be used to further your system’s automatic capabilities of turning on or off lights.

Mobile Lighting ControlsWhy should I consider a lighting control system? These systems exist to further enhance your digital lifestyle. They provide energy savings, security, personalized lighting moods within your space, simple operation for several or all lights at once, and amazing automatic features.