AutomationMobile AutomationIt’s Friday afternoon and you are driving home from work to spend a relaxing evening. As you are driving up the driveway, you press the “arrive” button on your smart phone. Immediately, you are welcomed by lights turning on, the door lock unlocks and your security system is disarmed, the climate is adjusted to a perfect temperature and the music system turns on and plays your favorite playlist.

This is just one example of thousands of possibilities you have when owning a professionally designed automation system.

Control TouchpanelAutomation systems can range from simple to elaborate and are scalable, allowing you to start small and add features and components as you see fit. A properly specified automation system can integrate with just about any sub-system in your home or business. Easily integrate audio/video, lighting, shades, security systems, climate control, irrigation, cameras, and have control of every device from your smart phone, tablet, and computer or through keypads and touch-panels.

Automation systems are truly another extension of your digital lifestyle!